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La escala es la relación entre la representación de un fenómeno sobre una mapa, plano o carta, guardando una medida de proporción con la realidad. Entre más detalle contenga un mapa, plano o carta, su escala es mayor.

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Febrero 2022
Sierra Leona

The reality that significant improvements in security of tenure at scale in rural Africa are still needed nearly a decade after the adoption of the Voluntary Guidelines for the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land;Fisheries and Forests (VGGT) suggests a need to explore its limitations and consider what it would take to realize its objectives.

Enero 2022

The land crises and large-scale land grabs affecting many African countries today stem from historical and colonial mistakes whose problems remain. The systems;policies and laws that are being pushed to “register” and “formalise” land ownership do not put into consideration the cultural and historical aspects that govern land in many countries on the continent.

Octubre 2021

Proponents of large-scale agriculture have put forward a multitude of reasons to support the advancement of this approach to farming. Large-scale agriculture is seen as the only way to “modernise” and “develop” the land;to close the yield gap;and to ensure food availability.

Aggregated from the Journal of Peasant Studies
Julio 2021

This article explores whether mechanisation affects patterns of accumulation and differentiation in Zimbabwe's post land reform where policy consistently disadvantages smallholders. Is the latest mechanisation wave any different? The article considers dynamics of tractor access and accumulation trajectories across and within land use types in Mvurwi area.

Julio 2021

A report by Global Agriculture examines the agricultural impact of multinational land deals (aka ‘land grabbing’) which are found to be directly harmful to local food security and livelihoods.

Mayo 2021

Includes history of the project;the scale down;the role of European DFIs (Development Finance Institutions);recommendations. The issues of concern and damages often expressed by a critical mass of the Addax project communities have been confirmed. The communities were taken by surprise when the project was first scaled down and then sold twice.

Publicación revisada por pares
Marzo 2021

This paper aims to elucidate the sliding scale between usufruct and ownership by applying a property rights framework to three Swedish forms of tenure in multifamily housing.

Publicación revisada por pares
Marzo 2021

Agricultural land resources have been the central issue for the Chinese government in its attempts to secure food and agricultural sustainability. Yet strict land use control does not protect the agricultural land from erosion by urban expansion.

Publicación revisada por pares
Marzo 2021
Estados Unidos de América

Agricultural development is facing two problems: insufficient grain production and low profit of farmers. There is a contradiction between the government’s goal of increasing production and the farmer’s goal of increasing profit.

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