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Communal Land Rights Act

Legislation & Policies
Julio, 1994

To provide for the temporary protection of certain rights to and interests in land which are not otherwise adequately protected by law; and to provide for matters connected therewith

Surveying and Mapping Law (2017).

Diciembre, 1992

This Law is enacted to strengthen the administration of the surveying and mapping undertaking, promote its development, ensure that it renders service to the development of national economy, building up of national defence, progress of the society as well as ecological protection, and safeguard the security of national geospatial information.The State exercises a graded administrative system over basic surveying and mapping.

Surveying and Mapping Law.

Diciembre, 1992

This Law is enacted to strengthen the development of the surveying and mapping undertaking. The Law consists of 34 Articles divided into 8 Chapters: General Provisions (I); Surveying and Mapping Datums and Systems (II); Surveying and Mapping Planning and the Implementation (III); Boundary Surveying and Mapping (IV); Administration on the Surveying and Mapping Results (V) ; Protection of Survey Markers (VI); Legal Liabilities (VII); Supplementary Provisions (VIII).

Acuerdo Nº 202 - Amplia el territorio del Parque Nacional Yasuní (PNY) reconociendo los asentamientos tradicionales de las Comunidades Indígenas Waorani.

Mayo, 1992

El presente Acuerdo, reconociendo los asentamientos tradicionales de las Comunidades Indígenas Waorani, procede a la revisión de los límites del Parque Nacional Yasuní (PNY), amplia el territorio del PNY, como Patrimonio Nacional de Áreas Naturales, hacia el sector suroccidental comprendido entre los ríos Cononaco y Curaray, con la finalidad de conformar una unidad ecológica integral que permita la conservación y manejo de las principales cuencas y subcuencas de ese sector.

Ministerial Decree No. 177 of 1992 regarding the validation of the form of Certificate of land ownership, Contract of tenancy for agricultural land, Contract of temporal leasehold of agricultural land.

Diciembre, 1991
Europa oriental

This Decree establishes that the forms of Certificate of landownership can be used provisionally, till the issues of the state legal form, as a document for lifelong ownership valid for inheritance and limitless (permanent) land lease. This Decree validates the forms of Certificate of landownership, Contract of tenancy for agricultural land, Contract of temporal leasehold of agricultural land. The forms of these documents are supplied in Annexes.

Law on Land Use and Land Survey (1991)

Junio, 1991

The Law determines principles for land use and land survey in Latvia. Its purpose is to protect the rights of land users and regulate the basic regulations for land use. The norms of this Law are applicable if the Law on Completion of State and Local Government Property Privatisation and Utilisation of Privatisation Certificates does not prescribe otherwise.

Land Code.

Diciembre, 1990

This Land Code is divided into the following Chapters: Fundamental provisions (1); Powers of local Soviets of People's Deputies and the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of regulation of land relationships (2); Possession and use (3); Withdrawal of lands (4); Land leasing (5); Cessation and transfer of the right of possession and right of use of land (6); Use of plots of land for survey work (7); Tax and rents on land (8); (Agricultural provisions), Basic provisions (9); Ownership of collective farms, State farms and other agricultural enterprises, institutions and organizations (10); lando

Survey and Cadastre Law.

Octubre, 1990

The present Law lays down provisions relating to land survey and land cadastre. Article 1 establishes that the Land is responsible for land survey and land cadastre. The text – consisting of 25 articles – deals, amongst others, with the following aspects: perception of tasks, tasks of regional survey, content, purpose, principle and parts of land cadastre, data transmission, duties of land owners, entry into land, marking of boarder lines, publication of survey results, implementation and penalties.

Acuerdo Nº 191 - Determina y delimita el Parque Nacional Yasuní (PNY) como Patrimonio de Áreas Naturales del Estado.

Abril, 1990

El presente Acuerdo, considerando que circunstancias de diferente índole propias de ese sector amazónico, establece la necesidad de una nueva determinación y delimitación del Parque Nacional Yasuní (PNY), con la finalidad de respetar los asentamientos de comunidades aborígenes y proporcionando protección a zonas que no gozan de ese beneficio.

Enmienda: Acuerdo Nº 322 - Establece el Parque Nacional Yasuní (PNY). (1979-07-26)

Land Surveyors Act (Cap. 175).

Febrero, 1985

This Act provides rules relative to the carrying out of land survey and creates the Land Surveyors Board. The Board shall maintain a register of surveyors, determine the qualifications and experience of surveyors and hear and determine disciplinary proceedings against surveyors in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

Land Leases Act (Cap. 163).

Febrero, 1984

This Act makes provision with respect to the creation and registration of leases. There shall be a Land Leases Register for the registration of each lease required to be registered by this Act. The Act defines various conditions applying to a registered lease and the effects of registration. Other provisions of this Act concern other titles in land such as mortgages and easements, co-ownership, transmission, trusts, and cautions.