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derechos de uso

These are rights to use the land for agriculture, grazing, gathering of forestry products, etc. The right to use land is one of the essential rights of landownership, but may also be the right to use and profit from immovable property as if the user were the owner (usufruct).

Source: FAO Land Tenure Manuals, No.2, FAO, 2006

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Políticas Nacionales
África oriental

The present Rural Development Policy and Strategies underscores one basic objective with regard to economic development, i.e. to build a market economy in which: i) a broad spectrum of the Ethiopian people are beneficiaries; ii) dependence on food aid is eliminated; and, iii) rapid economic growth is assured. Given the dominance of agriculture in the Ethiopian economy, i.e.

Europa septentrional

This Law regulates protection of cultural monuments as a part of cultural heritage. It shall be applicable to historical landscapes and individual territories such as parks and areas of historical, cultural and scientific value. The State or local governments, as well as natural persons and other legal persons may own cultural monuments in the Republic of Latvia.

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