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Estructura agraria

The complex of relationships involving land tenure, production, supporting services and rural institutions. Source: UNBIS Thesaurus, 2009

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Documentos de política y resúmenes
Julio 2015

Este material incluye algunas estimaciones realizadas en relación a la demanda actual de tierras, la cantidad de familias sin tierras o con tierra insuficiente, informaciones del organismo de aplicación de la política de tierras en relación a sus beneficiarios, así como aspectos relevantes de la demanda de tierras a partir de la visión de las organizaciones campesinas, así como informaciones so

Artículos de revistas y libros
Julio 2015

Africa has been at the centre of a "land grab" in recent years, with investors lured by projections of rising food prices, growing demand for "green" energy, and cheap land and water rights. But such land is often also used or claimed through custom by communities. What does this mean for Africa? In what ways are rural people's lives and livelihoods being transformed as a result?

Manual y guías
Junio 2015

Para que esta publicação possa cumprir seu propósito, é necessário entender a importância do controle social para a formulação e implementação de políticas públicas no Brasil e sua ligação com aconstrução de uma sociedade democrática.

Manual y guías
Marzo 2015

El Observatorio del Cambio Rural (OCARU), en diálogo con organizaciones campesino e indígenas, elaboró esta cartilla de discusión, como una herramienta que contribuya al debate crítico sobre los cambios en la normativa, el modelo y los actores del mundo rural.

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Documentos de política y resúmenes
Marzo 2015

In early 2015, Maasai and Datoga citizens living in the Morogoro region of Tanzania were victims of deadly, ethnic violence. According to reports from local media, the assaults were instigated by public figures interested in acquiring land, and state authorities have not intervened to protect Maasai citizens.

Enero 2015

This paper uses farm panel data from
China to examine the dynamics of land transactions, machine
investments, and the demand for machine services. Recently,
China's agriculture has experienced a large expansion
of machine rentals and machine services provided by

Documentos de política y resúmenes
Diciembre 2014
América del Sur

This paper presents what is known about the role of agrarian reform and the subsequent counter reform in producing a successful dynamic evolution of Chilean agriculture.

Publicación revisada por pares
Diciembre 2014

Ideally, poverty indicators improve because poor people’s livelihoods are improved. They can, however, also improve
because poor people are expelled from the territory. This article explores the case of the cattle region of Chontales, Nicaragua, which

Geographies of transition: The political and geographical factors of agrarian change in Tajikistan
Informes e investigaciones
Diciembre 2014

After more than two decades of agrarian change in Tajikistan, farming structures seem to crystallise. The first signs towards farm individualisation were observed only around 2000, which were the result of significant pressure from outside, when the post-conflict state was highly susceptible to pressure from multilateral institutions.

Facts of agric in Zambia
Informes e investigaciones
Diciembre 2014

Zambia Agriculture Development Goal:

Reduce poverty through broadbased income growth for those in the agricultural sector

Zambia’s Economic Achievements:

Classified as low-middle income by World Bank
 GDP growing at 6% per annum
 Agricultural growth rate at 7%, above 6% CAADP Goal
 Three consecutive maize bumper harvest years

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