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Enero 2023

Like many other regions across the globe, South Asia is grappling with the challenges posed by climate change. World Bank estimates that 750 million people in South Asia have been affected by at least one climate-related disaster.

Enero 2023

Substantial model variability exists regarding the likely meteorological impact of climate change on Kenya, particularly with respect to future precipitation levels. Significant regional differences are expected, largely due to Kenya’s diverse climate profile. Overall, temperatures are projected to increase while future precipitation levels are highly uncertain.

Enero 2023

Sea-level rise and resulting salinity inundation are making many coastal areas increasingly unfavorable for rice production. This paper examines intensive and extensive adaptations to rice production in salinity-prone areas of the Mekong River Delta (MKD) of Vietnam using a two-year panel dataset of 788 rice-growing households.

Enero 2023

This report was prepared in response to a request from the Vietnamese government, notably that of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Its aim is to provide information on the carbon market in general, but also specifically as it relates to forestry, with a focus on blue carbon.

Enero 2023

China is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG) and one of the countries most affected by climate change. China's food systems are a major contributor to climate change: in 2018, China's food systems emitted 1.09 billion tons of carbondioxide equivalent (CO2eq) GHGs, accounting for 8.2% of total national GHG emissions and 2% of global emissions.

The southern coast of Bangladesh
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Abril 2022

Bangladesh has a unique coastal system with both proximity of climatic vulnerability and opportunity, having rich coastal resources. The upkeep of people's livelihoods in the coastal zone largely depends on the degree to which key stakeholders at all levels of decision-making can participate in climate adaptation planning and implementation processes.

Enero 2022

This report assesses the coverage of CBRM for coastal areas in each of the 9 provinces of Solomon Islands. It provides a snapshot of known gaps and needs to guide prioritisation for future planning of management support.

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Octubre 2020
Estados Unidos de América

Poland, like other countries in the world, increasingly experiences the ongoing climate change. However, the level of preparation of the country and its society for climate change in the second decade of the 21st century can be evaluated as low.

Enero 2020

Field survey of Brassica oleracea growing in the wild in northwestern French coastal areas and AFLP analysis of their genetic diversity and population structure. This study offered the highest level of detail ever presented about the distribution of wild B. oleracea populations along the French Atlantic coast. Populations analysed showed a low level of genetic differentiation.

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Diciembre 2018

The Nile Delta and its 2.27 million ha of irrigated land makes up two thirds of Egypt’s agricultural land. It is also the terminal part of a river basin that spans and feeds 11 countries. Increases in dam and irrigation development in upstream parts of the basin is poised to conflict with agricultural expansion and population growth in Egypt.

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