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Decreto Supremo Nº 025-2016-PCM ─ Modifica el Decreto Supremo Nº 072-2005-PCM, Reglamento del Registro Nacional de Profesionales y Técnicos de Demarcación Territorial.

Abril, 2016

El presente Decreto Supremo modifica el Reglamento del Registro Nacional de Profesionales y Técnicos de Demarcación Territorial, respecto al tipo de profesionales y técnicos que comprenderá en el libro de profesionales a abogados, administradores, arquitectos, Eeconomistas, geógrafos, ingenieros geógrafos y sociólogos, y respecto a los objetivos de la capacitación de los mismos.

Enmienda: Decreto Supremo Nº 072-2005-PCM ─ Reglamento del Registro Nacional de Profesionales y Técnicos de Demarcación Territorial. (2005-09-28)

Impact of Climate Change and Aquatic Salinization on Fish Habitats and Poor Communities in Southwest Coastal Bangladesh and Bangladesh Sundarbans

Abril, 2016

Fisheries constitute an important source
of livelihoods for tens of thousands of poor people in the
southwest coastal region of Bangladesh living near the
UNESCO Heritage Sundarbans mangrove forest, and they supply
a significant portion of protein for millions. Among the
various threats fisheries in the southwest coastal region
and Sundarbans mangrove forest will face because of climate
change, adverse impacts from increased aquatic salinity

European Union Habitats (Farranamanagh Lough Special Area of Conservation 002189) Regulations 2016 (S.I. No. 198 of 2016).

Abril, 2016

These Regulations designate a coastal area as a Special Protection Area in accordance with Article 4 of Habitats Directive for protection purposes set out in Schedule 3 (coastal lagoons). The Minister shall, in accordance with the Regulations of 2011, establish and publish such particular conservation objectives as he or she, from time to time, considers necessary for the Special Area of Conservation with regard to the natural habitat type and animal and plant species specified in Schedule 3.

Environment (Wales) Act 2016 (2016 anaw 3).

Marzo, 2016
Reino Unido

This Act makes provision with respect to a wide variety of matters regarding the environment in Wales including: the sustainable management of natural resources (includes animals, plants and other organisms, air, water and soil) climate change and targets for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases from Wales; collection and disposal of waste; shellfish fisheries; marine licensing; land drainage.

Decree-Law No. 14/2016 approving the Regulation on the preparation and implementation process of the Plans for the Management of Coastal Zones and the Adjacent Sea (POOC_M).

Febrero, 2016
Cabo Verde

This Decree-Law, consisting of 7 Chapters and three Annexes, regulates the preparation and implementation process of the Plans for the Management of Coastal Zones and the Adjacent Sea (POOC_M). This Plans are territorial management tools containing a set of actions for the coastal zone management, which interventions are planned for the terrestrial areas, referred as 'onshore', and areas called as 'adjacent sea areas'.

National Water Plan 2016-2021.

National Policies
Diciembre, 2015
Países Bajos

This National Water Plan provides the broad outlines, principles and direction of the national water policy of the Netherlands for the 2016-2021 planning period, with a projection towards 2050. It also concerns related aspects of spatial policy. The National Water Plan lays down the central government’s strategic goals for water management. The Management and Development Plan for the National Waters by Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) outlines the conditions and measures for operational management to achieve these strategic goals.

Patterns of Wastewater Infrastructure along a Gradient of Coastal Urbanization: A Study of the Puget Sound Region

Peer-reviewed publication
Diciembre, 2015

The aim of this paper is to explore patterns of wastewater infrastructures (sewers vs. septic tanks) in urbanizing watersheds across a coastal metropolitan region. This research combines an urban-rural gradient with spatial metrics at the patch and watershed scale (proportion of parcels on a treatment system, septic density, lot size and percent imperviousness) to analyze wastewater patterns in the Puget Sound, WA, USA. Results show that most urban residential parcels are hooked up to a sewer, although there remain urban residences on a septic tank with small lots.

Baseline review and ecosystem services assessment of the Tana River Basin, Kenya

Reports & Research
Diciembre, 2015

The ‘WISE-UP to climate’ project aims to demonstrate the value of natural infrastructure as a ‘nature-based solution’ for climate change adaptation and sustainable development. Within the Tana River Basin, both natural and built infrastructure provide livelihood benefits for people. Understanding the interrelationships between the two types of infrastructure is a prerequisite for sustainable water resources development and management. This is particularly true as pressures on water resources intensify and the impacts of climate change increase.