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Concentración parcelaria

Joining small plots of land together to form larger farms or large fields.

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Diciembre 1950
Países Bajos
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Diciembre 1946

In het Zuiden van de Bommeierwaard komen enkele dorpen Voor, die zwaar getroffen werden door het oorlogsgeweld. Bovendien behoort de Bommelerwaard tot de gebieden, waarin zich reeds lang zorgwekkende toestanden voordoen.

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The dearth of land information on customary lands limits the development and application of land consolidation. This paper presents and discusses the results of an experiment carried out to test the potential of participatory land administration applied on customary lands in support of land consolidation.

Artículos de revistas y libros

In much of Central and Eastern Europe, the land tenure structure includes many small and fragmented farms. Land consolidation can be an effective instrument to make agriculture more competitive and to improve rural conditions. This guide provides advice on what countries can do to start a land consolidation pilot project.

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