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Septiembre 2016

Training on GeoODK1 was held on 4th and 5th September 2016 at the YWCA2 in Dhaka to develop the staff capacity about the mobile base survey, analysis and presentation. The training was facilitated by Mr. Frank Pichel & Mr. David Palomino both of working in Cadasta.org as chief program officer & product owner respectively. Total eighteen staffs from Uttaran were attended the training.

Informes e investigaciones
Agosto 2016
Reino Unido

Quality information on land is crucial to making good decisions about it. Increasing access to this information is important, and it is particularly vital to get it to groups who focus on social and environmental missions. This report is about the information needs of these ‘common good land users’, the data that is available, and how to get it to them.

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Julio 2016

In this Special Issue on “Agent-Based Modelling and Landscape Change” we aimed to bring together articles that showcase innovative uses of agent-based models (ABMs) for investigating and explaining landscape change and dynamics.[...]

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Julio 2016

Brazil’s Cerrado is a highly diverse ecosystem and it provides critical habitat for many species. Cerrado habitats have suffered significant degradation and decline over the past decades due to expansion of cash crops and livestock farming across South America.

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Junio 2016

The Commission has been in the forefront of promoting good governance and accountability in the land sector. Progress in the land sector has been mixed. Through the effort of the government, support agencies and other stakeholders the Commission was able to devolve its function to the 47 counties through the County Land Management Boards (CLMBs).

Manual y guías
Mayo 2016

The absence of a clearly defined land use policy in Kenya after years of independence has resulted in a haphazard approach to managing the different land use practices and policy responses. Land use continues to be addressed through many uncoordinated legal and policy frameworks that have done little to unravel the many issues that affect land use management.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Abril 2016

The first changes of drained peat soils on the territory of the Republic of Belarus appeared after hydro technical amelioration in 60-70s of XX century. Nowadays the process of transformation of component composition of soil cover of old-reclaimed soils and increase of degradation of peat soil is going on.

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