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Zonas protegidas

Protected areas refer to areas of at least 1,000 hectares as scientific and natural reserves and strict nature reserves, national parks of national and international reputation, natural monuments and landscapes.

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defensores tambopata
Enero 2024
América Latina y el Caribe

Los cinco episodios del podcast ‘Guardianes del Tambopata’, producido por la Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental (SPDA), se encuentran disponibles en las plataformas de Spotify, Amazon Music y Deezer.

Informes e investigaciones
Octubre 2023

Struggles to control valuable land, natural and mineral resources are at the heart of many conflicts around the world. Many have their roots in colonial conquest and post-colonial resource grabbing by colluding local and global elites. Land conflicts frequently entail clashes of values and meanings associated with land.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Junio 2022

Conformément aux Directives volontaires pour une gouvernance responsable des régimes fonciers, les investissements publics et privés dans le monde reconnaissent de plus en plus la gouvernance foncière responsable comme un déterminant du succès et de la durabilité de leurs réalisations.

Publicación revisada por pares
Marzo 2021
El Salvador

The expansion of urban areas around the world and the application of the sustainability paradigm to tourism discourses has favored an increase in the number of people visiting natural protected areas (NPAs) in their leisure time.

Publicación revisada por pares
Marzo 2021
Estados Unidos de América

In November 2017, over 15,000 scientists issued a second letter to humanity that outlines how we are “jeopardizing our future” by failing to protect key ecological systems [...]

Publicación revisada por pares
Marzo 2021

This study explores how local communities reflect on institutional frameworks and protected area governance in two national parks (NPs) with similar nature values in Estonia and Russia, and aims to understand the role of value systems in these interactions. It is based on 50 in-depth interviews with a broad range of stakeholders, and a desktop analysis of relevant regulation and plans.

Forest Crimes in Cambodia
Informes e investigaciones
Marzo 2021

Cambodia has suffered some of the highest rates of deforestation (measured as a percentage of forest cover) of any country since the 1970s – and rates have been increasing significantly in the past decade. Even the country’s so-called protected areas have been severely impacted, despite supposedly being safeguarded under Cambodian law.

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Febrero 2021

Over the past 40 years, roads have been the main driver behind the State of Acre’s occupation and development. However, the expansion of roads, has often been associated with the advance of deforestation, habitat fragmentation, and social conflicts. There are no up-to-date data available on the current extent of Acre’s road network nor its environmental and socioenvironmental impacts.

Publicación revisada por pares
Febrero 2021
República Popular Democrática de Corea
Estados Unidos de América

Protected areas are places that provide diverse ecosystem services, including cultural ecosystem services. At the same time, the development and unbalanced use of natural resources in protected areas often create environmental threats and social conflicts.

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