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Desarrollo sostenible

Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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Materiales institucionales y promocionales
Diciembre 2018

Angola and FAO have engaged in close cooperation since the country joined the Organization in<p></p>1977. Owing to the 27-year civil war, early FAO interventions were focused on emergency assistance,<p></p>including resettling of vulnerable rural households and the provision of agricultural inputs for the<p></p>rapid resumption of food production.

Publicación revisada por pares
Diciembre 2018

In the effort to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to food, health, water, and climate, an increase in pressure on land is highly likely. To avoid further land degradation and promote land restoration, multifunctional use of land is needed within the boundaries of the soil-water system.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Diciembre 2018
África subsahariana
Artículos de revistas y libros
Diciembre 2018

Study region : Transboundary aquifers (TBAs) of Africa.
Study focus: Review of work on TBAs in Africa, including an overview of assessments and management efforts that have taken place over the last half century.

Documentos de política y resúmenes
Diciembre 2018
Asia sudoriental

This paper assesses the role of the private sector by using the case study of Cambodia to learn specific lessons for increasing the resilience of food systems in the developing world. In order to develop a sustainable and lasting impact, it is imperative that both market actors and private actors be involved in addressing the new challenges facing vulnerable food systems.

Materiales institucionales y promocionales
Diciembre 2018

For centuries, farmers, herders, fishers and foresters have developed diverse and locally adapted agricultural systems managed with time tested, ingenious techniques. These practices have resulted in a vital combination of social, cultural, ecological and economic services to humankind.

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Acuerdo Escazú
17 Junio 2021
América Latina y el Caribe

Bogotá, 17 jun (EFE).- El Congreso colombiano aplazó este jueves la votación en primer debate del Acuerdo de Escazú, un trámite necesario para su ratificación en el país y cuyo futuro ahora es incierto porque el plazo para su discusión está próximo a cumplirse.