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Assessing Options for Effective Mechanisms to Share Benefits : Insights for REDD+ Initiatives

Marzo, 2013

One objective of this paper is to
provide information and tools for policy makers and
development partners engaged in developing arrangements for
transferring REDD plus benefits. This paper is also intended
to help key stakeholders design a mechanism that is
appropriate for a country's context. Another objective
is to provide information and tools for assessing and
structuring benefit sharing mechanisms at national and sub

Climate Resilient Ningbo Project : Local Resilience Action Plan, Volume 1. Final Report

Journal Articles & Books
Marzo, 2013

Ningbo serves as the Chinese pilot city
for the World Bank Climate Resilient Cities (CRC) Program.
The CRC program aims to, prepare local governments in the
East Asia region to better understand the concepts and
consequences of climate change; how climate change
consequences contribute to urban vulnerabilities; and what
is being done by city governments in East Asia and around
the world to actively engage in learning capacity building,

Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Kenya Forests Act 2005

Marzo, 2013

Forest in Kenya is an important source
of livelihood, environmental services, and economic growth.
In November of 2005 the Government of Kenya (GOK) ratified a
new Forests Act. The act contains many innovative provisions
to correct previous shortcomings, including a strong
emphasis on partnerships, the engagement of local
communities, and promotion of private investment. The
purpose of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is

Sri Lanka - Valuation of Environmental Services in Sri Lanka : A Case Study of Soil and Watershed Benefits in the Southern Province

Febrero, 2013

This 2010 report, Valuation of
Environmental Services in Sri Lanka : A Case Study of Soil
and Watershed Benefits in the Southern Province, uses
valuation tools to evaluate environmental services to allow
policymakers to efficiently address sustainable economic
development and environment protection within the country s
economic policy. The Government of Sri Lanka has committed
to a 10-year development framework of increased growth and

Romania - Functional Review : Environment, Water and Forestry, Volume 2. Forestry

Febrero, 2013

The objective of the Functional Review
of the Environment, Water and Forestry sector (FR-EWF) is to
help the Government of Romania (GoR) develop an action plan
for implementation over the short- and medium-term to
strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of the sector
administration, and provide input to the Government National
Reform Program (NRP 2011- 2013) and beyond, especially in
relation to those functions that support Romania's

Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change : Ethiopia

Febrero, 2013

The report is part of a broader study,
the Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change (EACC), which
has two objectives: (a) to develop a global estimate of
adaptation costs for informing international climate
negotiations; and (b) to help decision makers in developing
countries assess the risks posed by climate change and
design national strategies for adapting to it. This paper is
one of a series of country-level studies, where national

Promoting Nature-Based Tourism for Management of Protected Areas and Elephant Conservation in Sri Lanka

Febrero, 2013

Sri Lanka's ten-year development
framework aims at accelerating economic growth while
ensuring a path of sustainable development and prioritizing
conservation of the country's natural heritage. It is
in this context that this policy note seeks to examine the
scope for enhancing protection of Sri Lanka's natural
assets through nature based tourism as an instrument for
conservation with a specific focus on elephant conservation.

Bangladesh - Policies for Mainstreaming Strategic Environmental Assessment in the Urban Development of Greater Dhaka

Febrero, 2013

This policy note focuses on analyzing
critical institutional and planning issues affecting
Dhaka's Metropolitan Area, and suggests policy
recommendations for introducing sound urban environmental
planning to improve the quality of life by mitigating and
reversing environmental degradation. The report concludes
with urgent recommended actions to address gaps in urban
planning and environmental management that focus on

Report of the discussion on the right to land for shelter

Reports & Research
Enero, 2013

Please find here the report of the online discussion facilitated by Ekta Parishad on the land portal in December 2012 : Is the right to land for shelter a human right? Many thanks to all of the participants for their very interesting inputs, which will contribute to the ongoing negociations with the indian government.

Special thanks to Dominik Pauli for his great support and commitment.

Gender and equity implications of land-related investments - Cases of study - Ghana (FAO 2013)

Enero, 2013
Western Africa

Agricultural investments create risks as well as opportunities, for instance The Case Study of Integrated Tamale Fruit Company (2013) In recent years, Ghana has witnessed increased interest from private companies in developing agricultural investments. This trend is common to many lower/middle income countries.