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Informes e investigaciones
Diciembre 2021

These messages were developed based on the field experience in fragile and crisis affected contexts of UN-Habitat and the partners of the Global Land Tool Network and the HLP Area of Responsibility of the Global Protection Cluster. They are a quick reference on how to empower

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Febrero 2021
Estados Unidos de América

Agricultural development is determined by various factors, such as environmental, economic, demographic, or social circumstances. In order to present the level of this development as com-prehensively as possible, a multidimensional analysis should be carried out with an appropriate methodology.

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Febrero 2021

It is commonly believed that the impacts of human activities have decreased the natural vegetation cover, while some promotion of the vegetation growth has also been found. In this study, negative or positive correlations between human impacts and vegetation cover were tested in the Southeast Asia (SEA) region during 2012–2018.

Enero 2021

This article argues that while we know that the demand for land and natural resources has significantly accelerated in the last decade;it remains very difficult to gauge the exact size of the land rush. Many studies that look into how much land is affected give vastly diverging numbers.

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Septiembre 2020

Peri-urban agriculture (PUA) has been widely regarded as a sub-field of multifunctional agriculture for improving the sustainability of urban environments. However, urban sprawl has both negative and positive effects on peri-urban farming, and the research on this issue in Japan is insufficient.

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Septiembre 2020
República Democrática del Congo

This study was on mitigating land corruption through computerisation of land governance activities that include land use planning, cadastral surveying, servicing of land, land allocation, land registration and titling and land development.

Documentos de política y resúmenes
Agosto 2020

In the wake of the coronavirus crisis, governments across the world, including that ofKenya, have adopted a raft of far-reaching measures to curtail the spread of the virus.In Kenya, measures put in place include closure of learning institutions, mandatory selfquarantine for all who have entered the country in the recent past, pay cuts for a number of top civil servants, limited movement of pri

Julio 2019

Argues that the role of the European Union in landgrabbing is manifold. EU actors are involved in the financing of large-scale land deals worldwide through forms of private finance;public finance and a combination of both. The EU’s position as an agricultural powerhouse is dependent on the huge import of agricultural commodities and inputs from the global South.

Informes e investigaciones
Febrero 2019


This report denounces human rights violations occurring in Socfin Group’s rubber plantations operation in Liberia.

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