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Determining boundaries and fixing location of land by measuring land and recording related geographical information for planning, management and administration purposes.

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Junio 2016
África oriental

These Regulations amend the Cadastral Land Survey (Registration of Memorandum of Survey and Survey Report in Rodrigues) Regulations 2013 in regulation 3 with respect of ptrcedures for the registration and approval of a Memorandum of Survey and Survey Report. The Departmental Head shall endorse every memorandum or report of survey.

Drawbacks of land administration system in Bangladesh and some feasible solutions
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Agosto 2015

The land administration system in Bangladesh is not well-developed. It is beset with multiple defects and problems. It is corrupt, inefficient, and unreliable and inherently contains systematic weaknesses. Corruption has become a grave issue in this sector. A World Bank survey reveals that most crimes and corruptions in Bangladesh take place in land-related services.

Malaysian Land Administration Domain Model Country Profile
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Agosto 2015

Land administration is a process of recording and disseminating information about the association between people and land. To administer land matters in Malaysia, the Department of Surveying and Mapping Malaysia uses eKadaster and Land Office has eTanah which are different in e-Systems.

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Octubre 2006

Introduction of geoinformation technologies for building up a modern land management system in Georgia goes back to mid-1990s. This has been stimulated by start of land reform resulting in privatization of over 3 million agricultural land plots in whole in the entire country.

Legal Coordinated Cadastres
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Octubre 2006

The field of cadastre holds an inherent complexity much based on its interdisciplinary characteristics and the national uniqueness of each cadastral system. In addition, some cadastral terminology is vague or ambiguous, which is why omission of the explicit sense and context of a particular term may bring obscurity to international comparisons and analyses.

Thailand Land Titling Project
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Mayo 2004

The Thailand Land Titling Project is an outstanding success story of inter-agency cooperation and received the World Bank Award for Excellence in 1997. It was designed as a four-phase project over 20 years and will finish in 2004.

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