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Diciembre 1971

The constitution was drafted by the Supreme Court, approved the Union National Council and signed by the President.

Conference Papers & Reports
Noviembre 1970

The science of "survey" was known to ancient Egyptians. Drawings and
paintings on the walls of temples and tombs, and writings on papyrus, prove that ancient. Egyptians practiced surveying long ago. Paintings on the temples of Thebe display land-surveyors using linear instruments…

Conference Papers & Reports
Noviembre 1970

Ce fut le premier levé cadastral complet effectué en Egypte sur des bases juridiques et topographiques valables. Les levés antérieurs consistaient à mesurer.

Manuals & Guidelines
Diciembre 1969

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and several development partners are working together with countries to prepare Voluntary Guidelines that will provide practical guidance to states, civil society, the private sector, academic and research institutions, donors…


The aim of this Law is to regulate land registration in Dubai. This Law is composed of 11 Chapters divided into 29 articles. Chapter 1 deals with terms and definitions. Chapter 2 specifies the scope of application and rights of ownership. Chapter 3 contains general provisions. Chapter 4 provides…