Regulatory and legislative aspects of the ecological evaluation and control of soil degradation in Russia on the basis of the assessment of soil ecological functions | Land Portal

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Diciembre 2015
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On the basis of legislative norms concerning land and nature management in Russia and scientific concepts of soil and land, new definitions of these basic concepts are suggested. Soils and lands are considered as separate components of the environment, each performing their own ecological functions. The definitions for land degradation and soil degradation are given. It is argued that the indicators of the ecological functions of soils and lands can be used for the qualitative and quantitative assessment of soil and land resources, ecological norming, and control of their ecological state, including degradation processes.

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Yakovlev, A. S.
Molchanov, E. N.
Makarov, O. A.
Savin, I. Yu.
Krasilnikov, P. V.
Chukov, S. N.
Evdokimova, M. V.

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