Conserving Biodiversity: Practical Guidance about Climate Change Adaptation Approaches in Support of Land-use Planning | Land Portal

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Diciembre 2015
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As species' geographic ranges and ecosystem functions are altered in response to climate change, there is a need to integrate biodiversity conservation approaches that promote natural adaptation into land use planning. Successful conservation will need to embrace multiple climate adaptation approaches, but to date they have not been conveyed in an integrated way to help support immediate conservation planning and action in the face of inherent spatial uncertainty about future conditions. Instead, these multiple approaches are often conveyed as competing or contradictory alternatives, when in fact, they are complementary. We present a framework that synthesizes six promising spatially explicit adaptation approaches for conserving biodiversity. We provide guidance on implementing these adaptation approaches and include case studies that highlight how biodiversity conservation can be used in planning. We conclude with general guidance on choosing appropriate climate adaptation approaches to amend for conservation planning.

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Schmitz, Oswald J.
Lawler Joshua J.
Beier Paul
Groves Craig
Knight Gary
Boyce Douglas A.
Bulluck Jason
Johnston Kevin M.
Klein Mary L.
Muller Kit
Pierce D. John
Singleton William R.
Strittholt James R.
Theobald David M.
Trombulak Stephen C.
Trainor Anne

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