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Febrero 2013
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The Amazon Basin is so diverse that one could say many Amazons exist, not just one. Indeed, its diversity is considered unique in the world. Although the Basin occupies 7% of the planet’s land, it carries 25% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. The region is so vast, it represents one-third of South America’s land surface. It covers, or partly covers, nine countries: Colombia (36% of the land area), Venezuela and Guyana (6% each), Suriname and French Guiana (almost 100% each), Brazil (60%), Bolivia and Peru (75% together), and Ecuador (45%).

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Jarvis, Andy
Lundy, Mark
González A
Perpétuo MG
Lavelle P
Peters M
Quintero M
Etter A
Martínez C
Murgueitio RE
Reis CJ
Rodríguez CA
Rao, Idupulapati M.
Tapasco, J.
Graefe, S.
Guimaraes, E.
Fonte, SJ

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