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Octubre 2013
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CIAT - International Center for Tropical Agriculture. Achieving Sustainable Agricultural Production in Haiti. In collaboration with international and local partners to assist with Haiti’s severe food production constraints in three major areas:

Seed Solutions for Food Security

Improved seeds of staple crops are a major leverage point for change in agriculture. By giving higher and more stable yields, they offer short-term benefits, which open the way toward a more profound transformation.

Resilient System Solutions for Sustainable Growth

Concerted action is needed to begin recuperating Haiti’s extensive but severely degraded hillside farming environments. This effort could center on agroforestry systems, combining crops (e.g., beans, cassava, and maize) with diverse shrubs and trees, chosen to provide timber and food while also helping restore degraded soils to health.

Linking Smallholders to Markets for Poverty Reduction

To realize the enormous potential of smallholder agriculture as an engine of inclusive economic growth requires well targeted, collaborative efforts to strengthen the links between rural communities and markets.

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Zandstra, A
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