Optimal location of a landfill for the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley using Geographic Information Systems | Land Portal

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The population growth and the great amount of produced waste makes increasingly difficult to find optimal terrains that comply with all legal requirements. With the objective of finding an optimal location for a sanitary landfill in the metropolitan area of the Aburrá Valley (Antioquia), a review of the Colombian legal framework was performed, in Colombia by means of the Decree 838 of the year 2005 were established the criteria to be considered when selecting and identifying areas for sanitary landfills, given these criteria a spatial analysis was conducted by using ArcGIS program which resulted in two terrains selected which were located in the municipality of Barbosa (Antioquia-Colombia) covering 269.35 acres and 289.09 acres respectively.

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Gascón, Sergio Maximiliano
Universidad de San Buenaventura

Jiménez, Lina Marcela
Universidad de San Buenaventura

Pérez, Helena
Universidad de San Buenaventura

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