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Biblioteca Lands (Provinces) Act, 1995 (Cap. 103).

Lands (Provinces) Act, 1995 (Cap. 103).

Lands (Provinces) Act, 1995 (Cap. 103).
An Act to make provision for the tenure and management of lands in Provinces.

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The 29 sections are divided into 5 Parts: Preliminary (I); General (II); Leases and connected matters (III); Acquisition of land for public purposes (IV); Miscellaneous (V).All Provinces’ Lands (not defined) are vested in the District Authorities of the Districts in which such lands are situated. They shall be held and administered for the use and common benefit of the communities concerned (sect. 4). Occupation and use of Provinces’ Lands by indigenous people (“indegenes”) shall be governed by customary law as in force in localities where the land s situated, provided that leases may be granted to non-indigenous people in accordance with provisions (sects. 7 to 23) of this Act (sect. 5). Section 6 concerns the protection of forests and trees. Leases shall be determined by the Authority with approval of the Minister only for reasons set out in section 19. The Minister may acquire on behalf of the Crown any leased or non-leased Provinces’ Lands for public purposes (sects. 24 and following).

Implemented by: Provinces' Lands Protected Trees Regulations (No. 6 of 1952). (1952)

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