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Biblioteca Minerals Act (Cap. 121).

Minerals Act (Cap. 121).

Minerals Act (Cap. 121).
An Act to regulate the right to search for, mine and work minerals, and for other purposes realting thereto.

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The Act consists of 93 sections divided into 9 Parts: General (I); Prospecting (II); Mining (III); Provisions regarding water (IV); Passageways (V); Dredging for minerals (VI); Surveys (VII); Possession and purchase of minerals (VIII); Miscellaneous provisions (IX).Section 3 vests the property of all minerals, mineral oils, rivers, streams and watercourses throughout The Gambia in the Crown. The Act does not apply to mineral oils. The Governor-General may close areas closed for prospecting. Prospected or mining is limited further under section 8. Section 20 concerns compensation by holders of prospecting rights and licenses for disturbance of “surface rights”. Sections 29 and following provide for mining leases. Section 35 deals with surface rights of mining leases. Section 37 defines rights of mining lessees to cut trees. Part IV contains provisions regarding water, including pollution of water, special rights regarding the use of water granted by the Minister, transfer and surrender of water rights and acquisition of a passageway. Section 56 concerns dredging in rivers. Section 73 concerns land under mining lease required for public purposes.

Implemented by: Minerals Rules (Cap. 121). (1963)
Amended by: Minerals (Amendment) Act (Cap. 121). (1966-12-23)

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