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Land Improvement Act.

Land Improvement Act.

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This Act provides the requirements for the designing, building and management of land improvement systems, the specifications for the foundation and operations of land improvement associations operating as non-profit associations, the procedure for exercising state supervision over implementation of this Act, and liability for violations of this Act. A regulation network shall ensure that the soil water regime is suitable for crop husbandry and shall minimize the threat of the spread of pollution. An artificial recipient shall ensure that excess water is transferred from the drainage network or that water is supplied to the irrigation network, and shall have maximum self-purifying capacity. A land improvement system shall be built on the basis of a permit to build a land improvement system in adherence to the building design documentation prepared for the land improvement system and the technical requirements for building land improvement systems. The following techniques shall be used for preserving soil and maintaining soil fertility in the process of building land improvement systems on agricultural land and land of residential lots: 1) stripping of soil from the area under the land improvement construction; 2) stripping and subsequent replacement of soil from an area where earth is to be spread out, provided that the estimated thickness of the layer of earth covering the soil is more than 10 centimetres; 3) loosening of soil compacted due to the building of the land improvement system. The Act consists of 11 Chapters that contain 91 Articles. Chapter 1 (arts. 1-4) lays down general provisions. Chapter 2 (arts. 5-26) establishes requirements for building land improvement systems. Chapter 3 (arts. 27- 34) establishes requirements for undertakings. Chapter 4 (arts. 35-39) regards register of undertakings operating in the field of land improvement. Chapter 5 (arts. 40-44) regards register of land improvement systems. Chapter 6 (arts. 45-54) deals with management of land improvement systems. Chapter 7 (art. 55) regards monitoring of land improvement. Chapter 8 (arts. 56-63) regards land improvement associations. Chapter 9 (arts. 64-71) regards state supervision. Chapter 10 (arts. 72- 76) establishes liability. Chapter 11 (arts. 77-91) regards implementation of the Act.

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