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Biblioteca Agricultural Agreement.

Agricultural Agreement.

Agricultural Agreement.
Staatsvertrag der Länder Berlin und Brandenburg auf dem Gebiet der Landwirtschaft (Landwirtschaftsstaatsvertrag).

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The present Agreement between the Länder Brandenburg and Berlin lays down provisions relating to matters concerning agriculture of both Länder. Article 1 establishes that the highest authority for agriculture of Brandenburg is also responsible for the implementation of the agricultural promotion programme of the European Union in the Land Berlin. The first Part entitled “Transfer of competences in the field of agriculture and development of the rural area” of the Agreement deals with the following issues: European Guarantee Fund for Agriculture; direct subsidies by the European Union; common tasks such as improvement of the agricultural structures and coastal protection. Part II “General provisions” deals with co-operation amongst the various Länder, on data protection, budget, control of financing and administrative proceedings. The text consists of 18 articles divided into 2 Parts.

Implemented by: Ordinance on competences relating to the Agricultural Agreement. (2005-11-29)

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