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Biblioteca Forest and Range Practices Act ([SBC 2002] Chapter 69).

Forest and Range Practices Act ([SBC 2002] Chapter 69).

Forest and Range Practices Act ([SBC 2002] Chapter 69).

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The present Act lays down provisions relating to forest and range practices. Section 136 establishes that the Forest Practices Board is continued. The text consists of 217 sections divided into 11 Parts as follows: Definition and interpretation (1); Forest stewardship plan, site plan and woodlot licence plan (2); Forest practices (3); Range (4); Protection of resources (5); Compliance and enforcement (6); General (7); Forest Practices Board (8); Regulations and standards (9); Pilot projects for forest practices or range practices (10); Nisga'a Final Agreement Transition (11).

Implemented by: Forest Service Road Use Regulation (B.C. Reg. 70/2004). (2012-10-12)
Implemented by: Forest Planning and Practices Regulation (B.C. Reg. 14/2004). (2014-06-30)
Implemented by: Forest Recreation Regulation (B.C. Reg. 16/2004). (2006-07-13)
Implemented by: Invasive Plants Regulation (B.C. Reg. 18/2004). (2004-01-31)
Implemented by: Woodlot Licence Planning and Practices Regulation (B.C. Reg. 21/2004). (2014-06-30)
Implemented by: Government Actions Regulation (B.C. Reg. 582/2004). (2004-12-13)
Implemented by: Forest Practices Board Regulation (B.C. Reg. 15/2004). (2008-12-09)
Implemented by: TFL 49 Pilot Project Regulation (B.C. 279/2004). (2004-12-03)
Implemented by: Range Planning and Practices Regulation (B.C. Reg. 19/2004). (2007-07-26)
Implemented by: Security for Forest and Range Practice Liabilities Regulation (B.C. Reg. 20/2004). (2004-12-13)
Implemented by: Land Use Objectives Regulation (B.C. Reg. 357/2005). (2005-12-09)
Implemented by: Administrative Orders and Remedies Regulation (B.C. 101/2005). (2014-09-22)
Implemented by: Resort Timber Administration Act ([SBC 2006] Chapter 30). (2011-11-14)
Implemented by: Great Bear Rainforest Order. (2016-01-28)

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