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Biblioteca Selkirk First Nation Final Agreement.

Selkirk First Nation Final Agreement.

Selkirk First Nation Final Agreement.

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The present Final Agreement between the Government of Canada, the Selkirk First Nation and the Government of the Yukon is made under section 35 of the Constitution of Canada and sets out the rights of the Selkirk First Nation and its people and in particular ways in which the federal, territorial and First Nation governments interact. Chapter 11 deals with land use planning establishing that its objectives are as follows to: 1) encourage the development of a common Yukon land use planning process outside community boundaries; 2) minimize actual or potential land use conflicts both within Settlement Land and Non-Settlement Land and between Settlement Land and Non-Settlement Land; 3) recognize and promote the cultural values of Yukon Indian People; 4) utilize the knowledge and experience of Yukon Indian People in order to achieve effective land use planning; 5) recognize Yukon First Nations' responsibilities pursuant to Settlement Agreements for the use and management of Settlement Land; and 6) ensure that social, cultural, economic and environmental policies are applied to the management, protection and use of land, water and resources in an integrated and coordinated manner so as to ensure Sustainable Development. The text consists of 28 chapters as follows: Definitions (1); General provisions (2); Eligibility and enrolment (3); Reserves and land set aside (4); Tenure and management of settlement land (5); Access (6); Expropriation (7); Surface Right Board (8); Settlement Land Amount (9); Special Management Areas (10); Land Use Planning (11); Development Assessment (12); Heritage (13); Water Management (14); Definition of Boundaries and Measurement of Areas of Settlement Land (15); Fish and Wildlife (16); Forest Resources (17); Non-Renewable Resources (18); Financial Compensation (19); Taxation (20); Taxation of Settlement Land (21); Economic Development Measures (22); Resource Royalty Sharing (23); Yukon Indian Self-Government (24); Transboundary Agreements (25); Dispute Resolution (26); Yukon Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust (27); Implementation and Training for Settlement Implementation (28). Two Annexes are enclosed.

Implements: Constitution Act, 1982. (1982-04-17)

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