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Biblioteca Spatial Planning Act .

Spatial Planning Act .

Spatial Planning Act .

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Enero 2016
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This Act specifically establishes guidelines concerning measures to be taken to cope with climate change, assure land use safety, conserve the natural environment and cultural assets, promote the reasonable allocation of resources and industries, strengthen land consolidation and management mechanisms, and restore sensitive areas and damaged land in pursuit sustainable development.Spatial plan used in this Act refers to establishment of spatial development plan to set guidelines for the conservation and utilization of resources on the land and in marine, to achieve the sustainable development goal.The competent authority referred to in this Act shall be the Ministry of the Interior at the central level, the municipality government at the municipality level and the county (city) government at the county (city) level. The central competent authority shall be responsible for: 1.Establishment, announcement, revision and enforcement of the Taiwan spatial plan; 2. Review, approval and supervision of the spatial plan that are established by municipality or county (city) governments; 3. Establishment of functional zone demarcated priorities and principles; 4. Establishment of land use permit systems and regulatory measures for land use control; 5. Issuance of land use permits for environmental conservation zones and marine resource zones, review and approval of permit changes and revocation of permits, etc.

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