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Biblioteca Law No. 030 creating the Institute of Land and Colonization of Roraima (ITERAIMA).

Law No. 030 creating the Institute of Land and Colonization of Roraima (ITERAIMA).

Law No. 030 creating the Institute of Land and Colonization of Roraima (ITERAIMA).

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Diciembre 1992
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This Law, consisting of 31 articles divided into five Chapters, creates the Institute of Land and Colonization of Roraima (ITERAIMA) as an entity linked to the State Secretariat of Agriculture and Supply. ITERAIMA aims to the standardization of State public urban and rural lands. ITERAIMA, is responsible to: implement the State Land Policy; carry out land regularization and colonization projects, promoting appropriate administrative measures, and ensuring integrated and harmonious development; comply with ecological preservation norms or others of public interest; to act in administrative and preparatory procedures related to land expropriation; represent the State, for procedures, agreements and policies of land affairs, including demarcations and divisions of rural holdings, use and waters; administer state-owned public lands that are not tied to a particular use, protecting them from invasion; to carry out the systematic mapping of the state territory, the elaboration of the territorial cadastre of the State and its real estate statistics; Promote, periodically, the evaluation of State Public Lands, through legal instruments and procedures; decide, in the administrative court, disputes on the matter; to curb both latifundia and unproductive minifundia, as well as real estate speculation; gauging the measurement, location, documentation and economic use of the areas subject to alienation, preventing litigation and granting title; maintain the archiving and mapping of all urban and rural real estate properties of the State; to promote the formalization and processing of administrative processes, aiming at the issuance of occupation permits, provisional and definitive titles, which will be issued with the signature of the State Governor and the President of ITERAIMA.

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