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Noviembre 2016
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This Act, consisting of 136 sections divided into thirteen Parts and completed by eight Schedules, establishes the requirements to manage Crown land within the territory of New South Wales. The objects of this Act are: provide for the ownership, use and management of the Crown land of New South Wales; provide clarity concerning the law applicable to Crown land; require environmental, social, cultural heritage and economic considerations to be taken into account in decision-making about Crown land; provide for the consistent, efficient, fair and transparent management of Crown land for the benefit of the people; facilitate the use of Crown land by the Aboriginal people of New South Wales because of the spiritual, social, cultural and economic importance of land to Aboriginal people and, where appropriate, to enable the co-management of dedicated or reserved Crown land; provide for the management of Crown land having regard to the principles of Crown land management.The principles of Crown land management are: that environmental protection principles be observed in relation to the management and administration of Crown land; that the natural resources of Crown land (including water, soil, flora, fauna and scenic quality) be conserved wherever possible; that public use and enjoyment of appropriate Crown land be encouraged; that multiple use of Crown land be encouraged; that Crown land should be used and managed in such a way that both the land and its resources are sustained in perpetuity; that Crown land be occupied, used, sold, leased, licensed or otherwise dealt with in the best interests of the State consistent with the above principles. The Act is divided as follows: Part 2 Dedicated or reserved Crown land; Part 3 Management of Crown land; Part 4 Acquisition of land and vesting of Crown land; Part 5 Dealings involving Crown land and other related land; Part 6 Rents for holdings; Part 7 Alteration, withdrawal and forfeiture of holdings; Part 8 Native title rights and interests; Part 9 Protection of Crown land; Part 10 Investigation of compliance; Part 11 Enforcement; Part 12 Administration; Part 13 Miscellaneous. Schedules specify the following issues: Continued tenures (1); Continued irrigation tenures (2); Land in Western Division (3); Purchasable leases (4); Statutory land managers (5); Transfer of assets, rights and liabilities (6); Savings, transitional and other provisions (7); Repeal of certain legislation (8).

Amended by: Crown Land Legislation Amendment Act 2017 (No. 17). (2017-11-23)
Repeals: Crown Lands (Continued Tenures) Act 1989. (2013-11-20)
Repeals: Crown Lands Act 1989. (2016-05-11)

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