Preventing Conflict through Improved Policies on Land Tenure, Natural Resource Rights, and Migration in the Great Lakes Region: An Applied Research, Networking and Advocacy Project | Land Portal

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Enero 2004
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Contains introduction, research on land and conflict, land issues in Rwanda, Eastern DRC, and Burundi, conclusion. Recent research has pointed to the significance of environmental variables in triggering and sustaining struggles for power in the Great Lakes Region. Contested rights to land and natural resources are a significant element in the dynamics of conflict in the region.

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Chris Huggins


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Mokoro is pleased to host the ’Land Rights in Africa’ site as a contribution to the land rights dialogue and related debates. This website was created in January 2000 by Robin Palmer, and was originally housed by Oxfam GB, where Robin worked as a Land Rights Adviser. A library of resources on land rights in Africa – with a particular focus on women’s land rights and on the impact of land grabbing in Africa – the portal has been well received by practitioners, researchers and policy makers, and has grown considerably over the years.

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