Tecnical aspects for the implementation of urban projects in indigenous and Afro-descendant territories of Nicaragua | Land Portal
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Noviembre 2019
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The technical aspects mentioned in this document are intended to socialize a series of regulations and procedures that would have to be established in territories of indigenous and Afro-descendant populations, to discuss the implementation of urban projects in these areas of Nicaragua. The document is divided into two important parts:
1. Description of previous actions that must be accomplished before making any consultation in these territories such as: carrying out a demographic census, maps that recognize the physical and cultural existence of these populations, physical and geo-referenced demarcation of the territories, among others.
2. Basic technical aspects of urban projects planned for these areas, to be presented in the communities during the consultation meetings. Eg. Delivery of a Master Plan of the project, spatial description of the subprojects with presentation of 3d animations and plans that help to imagine the proposal, removal plan for families affected by the project, resettlement plan and financial proposal for these families, map of environmental impacts, among others.

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Centro de Asistencia Legal para Pueblos Indígenas


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