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Biblioteca GIZ-BEAF Final Report

GIZ-BEAF Final Report

GIZ-BEAF Final Report

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Febrero 2018
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The aim of the project was to develop and implement a web-based GIS tool for defining sustainable
land management (SLM) options by social-ecological context at global scale. This Global Geoinformatics Options by Context (GeOC) tool aims to support the implementation of SLM practices
by the international community. The GeOC is designed to provide stakeholders/projects and
programmes with plausible, robust extrapolation domains for guiding decisions on SLM options,
and an open platform for docking different disciplinary projects into integrative/holistic, converging
actions for SLM.

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Thomas, Richard
Le, Quang Bao
Bonaiuti, Enrico
Graziano, Valerio
Bremer, Tareq

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