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Ms Cæcilie Mikkelsen

IWGIA's overall goal is to endorse and promote indigenous peoples' right to self-determination, their cultural integrity and their right to development on their own conditions. In order to fulfil this task, IWGIA works within a wide range of areas: Documentation, publication, human rights, lobbying, advocacy, research and projects.

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Informes e investigaciones
Abril, 2020

Constituyendo únicamente el 5% de la población del mundo, los Pue- blos Indígenas protegen el 80% de la biodiversidad del planeta.1 Glo- balmente, muchos de los bosques que aún alberga nuestro hogar

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Artículos de revistas y libros
Diciembre, 2018

In light of the urgency of both forest conservation and the recognition of indigenous communities’ rights to land and resources, along with the documented potential for creating conservation synergies through recognition of community rights, this study tries to look at the approaches to forest conservation taken in Myanmar so far, and to take stock of their achievements and impact with respect to both forest conservation and the rights and wellbeing of communities.

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Submission to the Human Rights Council-Universal Review Mechanism (UPR 25th Session 2016)

Informes e investigaciones
Diciembre, 2016

This is a stakeholder submission prepared by a coalition of 24 pastoralists and huntergatherers’ Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), forums, networks and groups. The stakeholders submission is a compilation of primary and secondary sources of information, evidence and facts collected through consultative meetings and interviews with civil society organizations, public officials and community members, experts on pastoralism as well as members of the academia.

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