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Diciembre 2017
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Sphagnum farming - the production of Sphagnum biomass on rewetted bogs - helps towards achieving global climate goals by halting greenhouse gas emissions from drained peat and by replacing peat with a renewable biomass alternative. Large-scale implementation of Sphagnum farming requires a wide range of know-how, from initial species selection up to the final production and use of Sphagnum biomass based growing media in horticulture. This article provides an overview of relevant knowledge accumulated over the last 15 years and identifies open questions.

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Gaudig, G.
Krebs, M.
Prager, A.
Wichmann, S.
Barney, M.
Caporn, S. J. M.
Emmel, M.
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Graf, M.
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van de Riet, B.
Wright, B.
Wright, N.
Zoch, L.
Joosten, H.
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