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SLE has provided hands-on vocational education and training for future experts and managers in the field of international development cooperation for the last fifty years. They offer postgraduate studies, training courses for international experts, and practice-oriented development research and consultancy to organizations and universities active in this field.

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Library Resource
Informes e investigaciones
Abril, 2017

The Land Corruption Risk Mapping Instrument is designed to raise awareness and understand how to detect corruption in land governance issues. The instrument is developed in a way that it can be applied in any Sub-Saharan African country. It is published as a handbook that gives explanations, guidance and examples.

Library Resource
Informes e investigaciones
Marzo, 2017

Attempts to fill a gap by providing a pragmatic instrument which can be applied quickly and with comparatively few resources. Focuses on corruption risks rather than searching for offenders, so allowing open discussion, and on structural corruption risks and related solutions. Encourages coalitions between all crucial stakeholders and helps them develop joint counter-measures. Includes case studies from Kenya.

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