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De Gruyter Open (formerly Versita)  is one of the world’s leading publishers of open access scientific content. Today De Gruyter Open (DGO) publishes about 600 own and third-party scholarly journals across all major disciplines.

The company was established in 2001 and is now part of the De Gruyter publishing group Since 2006 De Gruyter Open has been a member of Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers and International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers. De Gruyter Open’s book and journal programs have been endorsed by the international research community and some of the world’s top scientists – Nobel Prize Winners included. The company is on the constant mission to make best scientific content freely available to all scholars and readers alike.



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Testing for longitudinal zonation of macroinvertebrate fauna along a small upland headwater stream in two seasons

Journal Articles & Books
Diciembre, 2016

The effect of longitudinal zonation patterns and macroinvertebrate responses to changes in habitat characteristics have been given a lot of attention. But studies of changes in macroinvertebrate assemblages along small upland undisturbed watercourses are still lacking.

Water Efficient Cropping Systems for Semi-Arid Regions in Pakistan

Journal Articles & Books
Diciembre, 2016

Water scarcity and land degradation are emerging threats to global food production. The dry land regions of world are affected by climate change to a greater extent and facing food insecurity. The current pattern of food production has been estimated to be inadequate to meet demands of growing population and required around 38% increase to meet world`s food demands by 2025. Food insecurity in erosion hit dry land regions of Pakistan also demands development of resource-efficient cropping systems to meet the food needs of population growing.

Windstorm disturbance effects on mountain stream ecosystems and the Plecoptera assemblages

Journal Articles & Books
Diciembre, 2015

Within the investigated river basins the deforestation ranged from 0-45.5%, dependent on the amount of windstorm damage. Our water temperature readings revealed that the canopy elimination above the streams in the areas damaged by the windstorm caused increase in daily and annual water temperature and also wider daily water temperature range, than those in the undisturbed reference stream, which caused the decline of cold stenotherm species abundance. The stream basins deforestation was collinear with FPOM and UFPOM concentrations, water temperature gradient and nitrate concentrations.

Land Cover Change Assessment of Vaal Harts Irrigation Scheme using Multi-temporal Satellite Sata

Journal Articles & Books
Diciembre, 2014

Land cover change (LCC) is important to assess the land use/land cover changes with respect to the development activities like irrigation. The region selected for the study is Vaal Harts Irrigation Scheme (VHS) occupying an area of approximately 36, 325 hectares of irrigated land. The study was carried out using Land sat data of 1991, 2001, 2005 covering the area to assess the changes in land use/land cover for which supervised classification technique has been applied.