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The Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) is the gateway to knowledge for Food and Nutrition Security. We act as knowledge brokers, connecting people and networks in business, science, civil society and policy to (co-)create, exchange and use knowledge for inclusive and ecologically sustainable food systems.

The F&BKP is an independent, open platform. We have no members, but we welcome partners. Organizations and networks from around the world participate in and are supported by the activities of the Platform.

Come join us if you share the Platform’s vision of achieving Food and Nutrition Security for everyone, everywhere.

Vision & mission
The Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) is the gateway to knowledge for food and nutrition security. Connecting business, science, civil society and policy. The F&BKP invites networks and organizations from local, regional and global levels to participate in the Platform. Come share, improve and generate new knowledge on food systems.

The core role of the F&BKP is to support the co-creation of better policies and practices on Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) in North and South. We focus on knowledge brokering to facilitate the creation, exchange and use of academic, applied and tacit knowledge.

Thematic focus
The F&BKP supports a forward-looking knowledge agenda to address the multi-dimensional challenges of Food and Nutrition Security (FNS).

Partners & beneficiaries
The F&BKP is an open and independent platform that welcomes organizations and networks operating within the F&BKP’s thematic focus areas as partners.

Small grants fund
The F&BKP Office manages a small grants fund, called the Knowledge Management Facility (KMF). Through the KMF, we finance knowledge activities of our partners, such as workshops, policy dialogues and other knowledge exchange events, lessons learned analyses, short-term studies, or the exploration of new themes.

The F&BKP was initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2013. It is one of five Knowledge Platforms that were established to contribute to a robust knowledge base on the priority areas of the Dutch government’s development cooperation policy.

Food & Business Knowledge Platform Resources

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Informes e investigaciones
Enero 2016

Studies the complex linkages between land governance and how they relate directly and indirectly to local food security in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia. Found that floriculture investments have both negative and positive impacts through land use changes and land acquisition processes, job creation and employment conditions and technology and knowledge transfers.

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