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The vision of FSS is to see the creation of a vibrant democratic society in Ethiopia where the public can actively participate in and influence the policy-making process in all development sectors.


The mission of FSS is to catalyze the emergence of viable policy options that promote the democratic and development aspirations of the Ethiopian people

Core Values and Principles

Strategic Objectives

To achieve its mission, FSS has formulated the following objectives:

  • Promote a democratic tradition of informed public debate on development and policy issues;
  • Promote original research and publication addressing opportunities and challenges in Ethiopia’s development path;
  • Strengthen networking and partnership with civil society, the research community, donors and other independent actors within and outside Ethiopia to induce greater impact on the democratization process;
  • Build FSS’ institutional capacity to develop and deliver effective and sustainable programs and services; and
  • Strengthen the financial sustainability of FSS.

The core values and principles upheld by FSS and that guide its program activities and initiatives are:


  • Application of democratic principles and norms;
  • Proactive and informed engagement of stakeholders;
  • Originality and intellectual integrity of research products;
  • Right of access to reliable, usable and timely information in the public domain;
  • Tolerance, respect for diversity and gender sensitivity;
  • Institutional independence.

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