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Government of Belize
Government of Belize


This includes any and all of Belize's government entities



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Registered Land Act (Cap. 194).

Diciembre, 1976

This Act provides generally for registration of rights in land and land tenure in Belize. “Land” includes land covered with water, all things growing on land and buildings and other things permanently affixed to land. Except as otherwise provided in this Act, but subject to section 38 of National Lands Act, no law, practice or procedure relating to land shall apply to land registered under this Act so far as it is inconsistent with this Act.

Estates of Deceased Foreigners Act (Cap. 198).

América central

This Act makes provision for the administration of estates in Belize of deceased foreign persons. It assigns powers to representatives of specified countries of origin of the deceased person to administer the estate if there is no person present in Belize at the time of death who is rightfully entitled to administer the estate of such deceased person. Nothing contained in this Act shall affect the Crown’s right under the Administration of Estates Act. The representative shall apply for letters of administration to be issued by court.