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A blend of grant and lending is provided to increase smallholder coffee farmers’ incomes in Uganda through improved farming practices and resilience measures as well as an increased amount of processing of coffee beans before export to enhance value. Financing is sought for two aspects of coffee farming in Uganda. Firstly, to build smallholder farmers’ resiliency by facilitating access to climate change adaptation and mitigation techniques and technologies via training and access to equipment.


In the provinces of Equateur and Mai-Ndombe, the private sector is accused of land grabbing when extracting natural resources and often exacerbate intercommunity land tenure conflicts. In this effect, this project aims to improve access to resources and livelihoods in equitable and sustainable ways for the most vulnerable groups, namely of women, youth and indigenous people. Thus, it will contribute to equitable sharing of wealth and natural resources, and to the economic empowerment of women.&nbsp

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