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Pastoral Development Network
Pastoral Development Network


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The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) is the UK's lead

The Pastoral Development Network represents a world-wide network of researchers, administrators and extension personnel interested in the issues of pastoralism and rangelands. Between 1976 and 1996 the PDN was managed by ODI and published regular mailings including newsletters and a wide ranging series of papers on pastoralism and related issues. There were also a number of other related publications.



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Ownership and control in Chinese rangeland management since Mao: The case of free riding in Ningxia

Diciembre, 1995
Asia oriental

With the introduction of rural reforms in the early 1980s, China broke with its
collectivist past and began the arduous transition from a centrally planned to a free
market economy. The People’s Communes – the institutional basis of
agriculture under Mao – were disbanded, and communal land was
redistributed to users through a family-based ‘Household Contract
Responsibility System’ (HCRS), which offered farmers more managerial

Land degradation and grazing in the Kalahari: new analysis and alternative perspectives

Diciembre, 1994
África subsahariana

Results from this study show that the over-used but under-researched association between grazing and land degradation in the Kalahari has been oversimplified. In typical Kalahari conditions, the ecological changes that have been brought about by grazing cannot be linked with more fundamental changes in ecosystem function. Basic soil processes appear relatively unaffected by grazing pressure outside the sacrifice zone, and there is no evidence to suggest that the resilience of the system has been affected through soil degradation.

Conservation, reclamation and grazing in the northern Negev: Contradictory or complementary concepts?

Diciembre, 1994
Asia occidental
África septentrional

Paper explores the relationships between the following concepts under the conditions of Middle Eastern semi-arid ecosystems. Paper states that there are two apparent contradictions in the title of this paper. First, grazing by domestic livestock is often considered to be hostile to nature conservation, especially in semi-arid areas (the ongoing conflict between ranchers and environmentalists in western USA is just one contemporary example of this).

The Kyrgyz sheep herders at a crossroads

Diciembre, 1994

Assessing the challenges facing the sheep herders in the Kyrgyz Republic, this paper concludes:for the first time in recent history the future of the sector may be in the hands of farmer/herders themselvesalthough there are many constraints in the production system, the government's attempts to promote decentralisation (e.g.

Livestock, land use and agricultural intensification in sub-Saharan Africa

Diciembre, 1993
África subsahariana

This paper focuses on extracts from a recent comparative analysis of livestock and land use surveys across a range of agro-climatic conditions in sub-Saharan Africa, based on information from systematic low level aerial reconnaissance and complementary ground studies in Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Sudan and Tchad, between 1980 and 1993.