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Community / Land projects / Supporting Access to Justice, Fostering Peace and Equity: Uganda

Supporting Access to Justice, Fostering Peace and Equity: Uganda


01/12 - 01/17


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The purpose of the USAID/Uganda Supporting Access to Justice, Fostering Peace and Equity (SAFE) program is to support peace building and conflict mitigation in Uganda by strengthening mechanisms for resolution of conflicts over land, oil and ethnic diversity. This project will further enhance the capacity of local actors to prevent violent conflict and transform them into peaceful outcomes while promoting reconciliation. Through training, technical assistance and providing grants to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), SAFE will focus on the oil rich Albertine region, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) affected Northern Uganda, and Central Uganda as primary entry points. SAFE will use a two pronged approach; first, it will strengthen systems of land administration; reinforce both formal and informal dispute resolution mechanisms and create awareness of the systems. Secondly, it will support local actors to prevent and transform emerging conflict into peaceful outcomes. Working with community networks, faith based organizations (FBOs), local government structures and CSOs, where appropriate, SAFE will build indigenous capacity for conflict prevention and reconciliation in Uganda. Objectives Make institutions for land administration and dispute resolution more accountable and accessible Make administrative land management and legal aid services more efficient Increase legal awareness on land matters Improve Non-State Actor Oversight Transform emerging violent conflict into peaceful outcomes Enhance processes for community reconciliation