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Datos - Statistical Data Cropland area under protective cover

Cropland area under protective cover

Cropland area under protective cover

Cropland area under a permanent structure with a roof of glass, plastic or other material, used for protecting crops against the weather, pests or diseases. Such structures may be used for growing temporary or permanent crops. Typical crops grown under protective cover are vegetables, herbs and flowers. Structures to provide protection against the weather are known as “greenhouses”. Temporary devices for short-term protection, such as plastic covering to protect against frosts, should not be included. Netting to protect against insects or other animals should also be excluded. Nurseries should also be excluded. If a piece of land under protective cover was used for growing different crops during the reference year, it will be counted only once.

Previously known as "Area of arable land and permanent crops under protective cover"

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1'000 ha

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