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Dr. Caitlin Kieran is a development economist with over 10 years of experience conducting policy-relevant research at the intersection of gender and property rights, agricultural development, food security, and nutrition. As a Research & Evaluation Specialist at Landesa, she works with multidisciplinary teams to design and implement mixed-methods evaluations of land rights interventions, with a particular focus on women’s land rights, in Bangladesh, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal, and Uganda.



About Landesa

Landesa partners with governments and local organizations to ensure that the world’s poorest families have secure rights over the land they till. Founded as the Rural Development Institute, Landesa has helped more than 105 million poor families gain legal control over their land since 1967. When families have secure rights to land, they can invest in their land to sustainably increase their harvests and reap the benefits—improved nutrition, health, and education—for generations.


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