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Map of Madagascar


Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world (587,295 km2) located in the Indian Ocean, some 400 km off the coast of Mozambique. The Republic of Madagascar comprises the main island and a number of small islands and is divided into six provinces and 22 administrative regions. In 2019 it had a population of some 25.68 million people with a low population density of 42.8 inhabitants per km2. 80.5% of the population live in the rural areas while 19.5% (5 million people) live in cities, of whom 2.58 million people live in major urban centres and 2.42 million in secondary urban centres.
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Oportunidades de empleo: Land Portal busca investigadores y analistas para Proyecto de Datos Abiertos

27 Julio 2021

La Fundación Land Portal y la Carta de Datos Abiertos (Open Data Charter) tienen la intención de implementar la Guía Open Up para la Gobernanza de la Tierra en el período 2021 - 2024. Como parte de este proyecto, buscamos desarrollar informes del Estado de la Información sobre la Tierra (SOLI por…

EMPLOYMENT: Consultancy to Study the poor adoption of proven agricultural technologies and innovations in Eastern and Central Africa (ECA)

The Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA) is a non-political organization of the National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) of ten countries

Réforme foncière à Madagascar

Réforme foncière à Madagascar: des intentions à la mise en œuvre, quel bilan ?

Date: 28 février 2016 Source: RFI Afrique   A Madagascar, près de 80% de la population vit du secteur agricole. La ruée des investisseurs étrangers sur les terres de l'île, menace directement la population rurale aussi le pays a-t-il engagé une réforme foncière en 2015. Le but était double :…



A ‘degradation myth’ has been long propagated, associating biodiversity loss primarily with the extensive ’slash and burn’ farming system, often excluding the substantive impacts from mining, plantation agriculture and commercial logging

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World Bank Climate Report Launch Webinar: Strengthening Land Tenure of Indigenous People and Local Communities in FCPF Countries

-This Event has ended -   Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM (Eastern Time) Online via Zoom This session will be interpreted in French and Spanish. Description: Strengthening Indigenous Land Tenure: A Critical Pillar of Climate Action   A prominent outcome of this year’s UN Climate…