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Map of Zambia


Zambia is a former British Colony which obtained independence in 1964. Heavily dependent on revenues from copper and cobalt mining, the economy has been vulnerable to the rise and fall of commodity prices throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Zambia is one of the least densely populated countries in Africa which is often characterised as being ‘land abundant’. Although the bulk of land in Zambia remains under systems of customary tenure, there have been significant shifts in the amount of land that has been converted to enable privatisation through statutory leasehold title. However, the extent of these conversions has yet to be reliably quantified. With the increasing demand for land, the need for accurate land data and tensions over unplanned urbanisation feature prominently on Zambia’s land governance agenda.
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Oportunidades de empleo: Land Portal busca investigadores y analistas para Proyecto de Datos Abiertos

27 Julio 2021

La Fundación Land Portal y la Carta de Datos Abiertos (Open Data Charter) tienen la intención de implementar la Guía Open Up para la Gobernanza de la Tierra en el período 2021 - 2024. Como parte de este proyecto, buscamos desarrollar informes del Estado de la Información sobre la Tierra (SOLI por…



Zambia is one of the most forested countries in Africa with approximately 67% of its land surface covered by miombo woodlands.

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Overcoming Land Disputes by Fostering Relationships in Communities: Experiences from Zambia's Systematic Land Titling Program

21 Junio 2022

Overcoming Land Disputes by Fostering Relationships in Communities: Experiences from Zambia’s Systematic Land Titling Program Written by Dimuna Phiri and Kamiji Malasha Unresolved disputes and disorder, can be addressed through the judicial system. However, the process is expensive, slow,…