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Suyo is a public benefit corporation that unlocks the transformational impact of secure property rights by making it easier and more affordable for low-income families to formalize their property. Empowered with formal recognition of their property rights, low-income families have access to numerous benefits that help lift them out of poverty, such as credit, home ownership security and the ability to transfer rights.

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Approximately 1 billion people globally have insecure rights to their land and homes, leaving them vulnerable to conflict, hunger, poverty, and gender-based violence. A major contributor to property insecurity is that a quarter of the world’s population lacks formal property documents.

But despite the proven benefits of land and housing documentation, governments across much of the world have failed to provide this service. 

Over the last decade, non-governmental actors, namely private social enterprises and non-profits, have emerged to alleviate this bottleneck and deliver land registration efficiently. But scaling these services一and making them affordable for low-income customers一is not easy.

Please join the Future of Land and Housing Program and Suyo, a social enterprise that provides tech-enabled land rights services to low-income households in Colombia, for an online event to discuss: How can organizations remove the barriers to scaling fee-based, demand-driven property registration, and how can they build innovative financing models that make this service accessible for low-income customers? 


January 19,  2022
10:00am–11:15am EST




Matt Alexander, Co-Founder, Suyo

Mustapha Issa, Executive Director, LTA NGO


Anthony Piaskowy, Senior Director, Cadasta

Joseph Okyere, Ghana Managing Director, Meridia


Natali Buitrago, Project Manager Suyo


Yuliya Panfil, Director, Future of Land and Housing Program, New America (moderator)


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