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The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in Those Countries Experiencing Serious Drought and/or Desertification, Particularly in Africa (UNCCD) is a Convention to combat desertification and mitigate the effects of drought through national action programs that incorporate long-term strategies supported by international cooperation and partnership arrangements.


This side event will present the latest information available on land-related SDG indicators that are showcased on the SDGs Land Tracker. The event will emphasize how Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) can play a key role in accelerating achievement of the SDGs and Building Back Better in light of the COVID-10 pandemic. The event will include  experts, government representatives and SDG custodians in a dynamic panel discussion of these issues.

Wednesday, 2 February, 2022 8:00-8:50 AM ET | 2:00-2:50 PM CET

Land governance has strong relationships with social, economic, and ecological development around the world, and is thus crucial to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Maintaining and restoring land resources can play a vital role in tackling climate change, securing biodiversity and maintaining crucial ecosystem services, while ensuring shared prosperity and well-being. Achieving land degradation neutrality (LDN) can become an accelerator of achieving SDGs across the board.

As the Inter-agency and Expert Group on SDG Indicators began evaluating the tier status of indicators, it became clear that there was a lack of awareness of the status of progress, as well as the data and information about these land-related indicators. In response, the Land Portal Foundation and the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) launched  Land and the SDGs dashboard (now called SDG Land Tracker) in September 2017 to make information related to the land indicators in the SDGs widely available. This dashboard has served this purpose for nearly five years and has been completely revamped and updated in collaboration with custodian agencies, including the FAO, UNCCD, UNEP, UNHABITAT, the World Bank, and others, to provide widespread access to this key information.



The 2022 ECOSOC Partnership Forum will be held on 2 February 2022 on the “Building back better from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) while advancing the full implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. Multiple actors and stakeholders will participate, including countries, the United Nations system, including international financial institutions, as well as international organizations, parliamentarians, local governments, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, civil society, scientists, academia, women, youth and others.

Participants will debate solutions and policies to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic guided by the SDGs. They are expected to (a) exchange new ideas, expectations and priorities which should be explored further by the Council and the high-level political forum in the following months; and (b) shine the spotlight on forward-looking actions and partnerships by countries and all relevant stakeholders that can help recover from the pandemic and accelerate progress towards the 2030 Agenda.




Laura Meggiolaro, Land Portal Coordinator

Laura Meggiolaro



Sasha Alexander - Policy Officer with the secretariat of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)



Romy Sato, Land Portal



Benjamin Karmorh - Chief Technical Advisor Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia

Pamela Chasek - Professor, Political Science, Manhattan College Executive Editor, Earth Negotiations Bulletin, IISD

Kader Baba - Research Associate and Country Program Manager , TMG Research





  • Laura Meggiolaro, Team Leader, Land Portal Foundation 


  • Sasha Alexander, Policy Officer, Secretariat of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)
  • Romy Sato, Network of Researchers Coordinator, Land Portal Foundation
  • Benjamin Karmorh, Chief Technical Advisor, Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia
  • Pamela Chasek, Professor, Political Science, Manhattan College; Executive Editor, Earth Negotiations Bulletin, IISD
  • Kader Baba, Research Associate and Country Program Manager, TMG Research 


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