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Laura A. Ivers: laivers@worldbankgroup.org

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Date and Time: Saturday, December 9, 2023

Washington, D.C. 01:00–01:45 AM | UTC 06:00–06:45 AM | Dubai 10:00–10:45 PM


Insecure land rights, informality and inefficient land use planning and permitting undermine the ability of governments to provide land access for climate actions and improve land use to confront climate change. In reverse, secure land rights and efficient land management are fundamental to achieving the land use improvements pledged in the country commitments under the Paris Agreement. In 2019, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change identified bioenergy and afforestation investments as having the largest potential for carbon dioxide removal in the land management sector; however, this will require conversion of vast land areas.  Combining the land needed for climate action with rapid urbanization and decreasing land availability due to climate change has resulted in an unprecedented demand for land. This is further escalated by the housing needs of increasing, aging and wealthier populations. Illustratively, land access has already been identified as a binding constraint to World Bank-financed infrastructure investments in South Asia.

Clear articulation and quantification of the actions required to provide land access and secure and sustainable land use is an essential step. There is an urgent need for innovative programs, policies, and financing to better manage land for both climate mitigation and adaptation while ensuring protection of land rights, preservation of forests and food systems, and incentivizing planning of compact cities. This session brings together a range of actors to discuss ways to improve land use and set in motion a renewed agenda on the critical role that land tenure security and land access play in climate action.



10:00–10:10 Opening and introductions 

10:10–10:40 Fireside chat with panelists

10:40–10:45 Closing remarks 

*Agenda times are in GST.


Host (moderator/opening and closing remarks)

  • Anna Wellenstein
    Regional Director, East Asia and Pacific, Sustainable Development Practice Group, World Bank


  • Hon. J. Adams Manobah
    Chairman, Liberia Land Authority
  • Ms. Nonette Royo
    Executive Director, Tenure Facility
  • Mr. Andreas Dahl-Jorgensen
    Director, Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI)
  • Ms. Maggie Charnley
    Head of the International Forests Unit, FCDO and DESNZ, UK Government

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