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We believe in the inherent dignity of all people. But around the world, too many people are excluded from the political, economic, and social institutions that shape their lives. 

The Tenure Facility

The International Land and Forest Tenure Facility is focused on securing land and forest rights for Indigenous Peoples and local communities. We are the first financial mechanism to exclusively fund projects working towards this goal while reducing conflict, driving development, improving global human rights, and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

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Date: 11th April 2024

Time: 9:00-10:00 AM EST, 15:00-16:00 CEST

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Young Indigenous Peoples are facing unprecedented challenges as they grow up in a world where climate change imperils their community’s cultural heritage and ways of life. In response, many are becoming new leaders in climate activism, championing land rights as a pivotal measure in combating environmental degradation and preserving traditional lifestyles.

Our first Land Dialogue of 2024 will explore the dynamic relationship between land tenure systems and climate resilience through the lens of Indigenous Peoples and local community youth. In a world that is rapidly urbanizing and warming, we will examine how youth are being encouraged to embrace their ancestral knowledge systems, the nature based solutions that are being widely applauded, to defend their land and  territories and actively lead on climate change.

Our discussion will focus on solutions and highlight youth-led responses to land and climate issues. What’s more, the webinar will provide a space for cross-cultural learning between young people from around the world, sparking unlikely but meaningful conversations. Listen in as young leaders create a space for a new kind of dialogue—one where Indigenous youth are leading the way.


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Under the umbrella of the Land Dialogues series, the first webinar of this year’s series “Leading the Way : How Indigenous Youth Combat Climate Change Through Land Rights” took place on April 11th, 2024. The webinar drew in a little over 200 participants and featured young  Indigenous  and local community leaders from around the world. The series is organized by a consortium of organizations, including the Land Portal Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Tenure Facility and this particular webinar was organized by organization YILAA and TINTA.  

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