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Shathi’s land related misery ends

BRAC Bangladesh
mar 11, 2019

Shathi, daughter of Md Abdul Razzak, lives in the village of Hatiyadah located in the sub district of Singra within the larger Natore district. Her dream was to support  the poor after finishing her studies, helping them and taking care of them. Although she herself was born into a poor family, with her strong will, merit and hard work, Shathi completed her graduation and joined BRAC Microfinance’s Hatiyadah Office.

Shathi then got married to Md. Abdul Alim, a man who lived in the same village. She was quite happy with her husband and child at her in laws house. In 2015 Shathi’s father Razzak Ali gifted her 0.17 acres of land from Larua Mouza. Since then Shathi began making constant efforts for land mutation, but was unable to do so because of various challenges, such as the middlemen of land offices demanding high amounts for completing the process, hassles of the local land office and the absence of the land officer in the office.

In such circumstances BRAC Bhumi Bondhu was having a promotional campaign called Mobile Bhumi Bondhu at the Hatiyadah bazar. Through this, Shathi came to know more about Bhumi Bondhu, including the fact that Bhumi Bondhu provides all land related services to people for an affordable price. After learning more about Bhumi Bondhu, Shathi decided to pay a visit to the local Bhumi Bondhu office and get to know more about its services in detail. After speaking with a Bhumi Bondhu representative, Shathi submitted her land papers related to Mutation at the Bhumi Bondhu office on the 29th August, 2018.  Instantly the Bhumi Bondhu representative verified all the documents and submitted them to the Assistant Commissioner of Singra Land Office. After submitting the papers, the investigation took place at Hatiyadah Union Land Office on the 19th September 2018.  Thereafter, the Assistant Commissioner, Land Office gave the verdict of Mutation and Shathi’s mutation application was approved. On the 10th October 2018 the Bhumi Bondhu representative submitted the mutation application fees at the Assistant Commissioner’s land office and collected Shathi’s DCR and Mutation Khatiyan.

Shathi’s Land Mutation Service was completed within 42 days, through Bhumi Bondhu Land services, which had not been possible after trying for months. On receiving the documents from Bhumi Bondhu Manager, Shathi made an honest confession by saying that after trying to get her land mutated for more than a year; Bhumi Bondhu made it happen within a month and a half.   Thanks to the wonderful support of Bhumi Bondhu, she said, all her land related problems had come to an end!

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